HAR File Parser

Choose the parser most appropriate and upload a HAR file:

Onsite GRE:

Offsite PAC:
Youtube How-To for PAC

How to Obtain a HAR File:

     	Step 1:

           Using either Chrome or Firefox, both have simple built in Developer Tools,
	   open the problem page with a computer that can access the site.

	Step 2:

	   In the top right corner open the browser menu
	   In Chrome: click More Tools > Developer Tools > Network
	   In Firefox: click Web Developer > Network


	   Right click anywhere on the screen and select "Inspect" or "Inspect Element"
           Click "Network"
Step 1

	Step 3:
           Check "Preserve Log" (Chrome) or "Persist Logs" (Firefox)
	   Refresh  the page

	Step 4:

	   Now right click anywhere on the list of events that are popping up below
	   Click "Save all as HAR with content" (Chrome) or "Save All as HAR" (Firefox)

Step 2