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1. Please upload a .txt file NOT a .doc or .docx file, with a single URL on each line. If it cannot be opened in a simple text editor like Notepad the parser will not read it correctly.

2. Please do not have more than one person run the script with your API key at a time, or you will run into the Zscaler end node limits.

3. If you run the script multiple times quickly back to back you may recieve a "400/HOUR" rate limit error. Please wait at least 20 minutes before attempting to run the script again.

4. To export the results to Excel on Chrome or Firefox: Right click on the output page, click Save As, save as Webpage Complete. The downloaded file should be a .html. You will then be able to go into Excel and open the .html like any other Excel file. - You can also select the entire table, and copy/paste it into Excel.

5. If you have triple checked your username and password and are still getting a "username or password incorrect" alert, please check the fields shown below. The Zscaler API is actually checking the email field of the user, which is normally the same as the Login ID, but will cause errors in the event of a difference.

admin manage

Click the pencil on the left edge for the account you are attempting to run the API with. Check the email field to make sure it matches the Login ID.
email field